E-Safety Statement

We understand that computer technology is an essential resource for supporting teaching and learning. The internet, and other digital and information technologies, open up opportunities for pupils and play an important role in their everyday lives.

We recognise the importance of promoting the use of computer technology throughout the curriculum, we also understand the need for safe internet access and appropriate use.

Our school aims to ensure appropriate and safe use of the internet and other digital technology devices by all pupils and staff.

The school is committed to providing a safe learning and teaching environment for all pupils and staff, and has implemented important controls to prevent any harmful risks. 

Are your children safe online?

There are so many 'connected' devices in our houses and in children's lives that it is difficult to keep up to date with all the different ways children access 'on-line' material.

At school we have a filtered internet connection and we encourage the children to access 'safe' sites at home. We provide a moderated online VLE (virtual learning environment) and we also provide 'safe' learning sites  for children to use. 

All children are made aware of, and taught about, the school's 'Acceptable Use Policy' which can be viewed here:

Children's Acceptable Use Policy

Resources and Support

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Useful Resources for Parents & Families
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