Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset - It's All In The Mind

We have previously been involved in a major piece of school development which we called 'It's All in the Mind'. This was work on mindsets and included encouraging children, staff and parents to promote a 'growth' mindset. 

We were supported in the project by Tony Swainston and we drew on the work of  John Hattie and the research of Carol Dweck to plan our actions and the direction of the project. 

We involved the whole school community and we continue to develop our work on growth mindsets as we believe, and evidence of impact in our school demonstrates, that developing growth mindsets improves outcomes for everyone. 

In order to support other schools and settings who are interested in undertaking a similar project we have provided the following set of resources which we hope people enjoy and find helpful.

Growth Mindset - Power to Achieve

To further develop the ways in which we promote a growth mindset and support children to think deeply about their learning, we are currently participating in a whole school development project called 'Power to Achieve'.

Click here for the slides from the Power to Achieve parents' meeting.

Click here for the Parenting Plan - Building a Growth Mindset.

Questions Likely to Arise

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Mindsets - what are they? Easy to share explanation
Can a growth mindset lead to higher achievement? The evidence 
Is it true mindsets can change? Can they really? 
What did the Holy Trinity community view of good learning and teaching look like? Before the project
What does the Holy Trinity community view of good learning and teaching look like? After the project
I am thinking of developing a growth mindset project in my school, what should I be aware of? Things to consider

I am starting from scratch, like the sound of developing a growth mindset approach and want a:

  • Free
  • Completely resourced
  • Research  based
  • Multi-media incorporated 
  • Whole learning community focused

training pack, where do I find one?





This is an excellent place to start

Free resources from Tony Swainston

5 Key Actions in Schools A

5 Key Actions in Schools B

7 Day Growth Mindsets (Parents)

Evidence Based Teaching Network

For the sports people amongst us - do we want to win gold? The Chimp Paradox


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