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We strongly believe that good mental maths skills are the basis for developing confident mathematicians. Therefore in every class there is a daily focus on times tables and the related division facts and all children have a weekly times tables test. We also focus on counting skills and, where appropriate, number bonds. Every week children have a dedicated lesson related to developing specific mental maths and arithmetic skills, they also have a mental maths test to develop their speed and accuracy.

We have a consistent approach to the use of written calculation methods (see Parent’s Guide to Calculation) which is designed to give children accurate and efficient methods with which to tackle more complex problems. Children deepen their understanding of maths through problem solving and applying their knowledge to real life situations. Within our learning challenges we are ensuring that children have opportunities to apply their mathematical knowledge to the wider curriculum.

Each child has a maths passport which sets out the targets that they are working on. This is a way of ensuring that our children have a secure understanding of key mathematical facts.