Data relating to the school's performance and comparisons to national standards and the latest school inspection reports  can be found by following the links provided below. 

If there are aspects of these reports, or information contained in these pages that you would like to discuss with school, please contact Mr Bowlas (

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School Performance -  Junior School

 KS2 SATs Results  (Academic year 2018-2019)

School Performance  Infant and Nursery School


Summary information for Early Years, phonics and key stage 1 assessment

Compare our School (learning) National comparisons including performance. (not representative of current year)
Compare our School (finance) National comparisons including budgets. (not representative of current year)
OFSTED - Junior School Latest OFSTED inspection report 
OFSTED - Infant and Nursery  School Latest OFSTED inspection report
OFSTED - Monitoring Report  2021 - Monitoring School's Response to Lockdown
SIAMS - Junior School Church school inspection report
SIAMS - Infant and Nursery  School Church school inspection report