Vision, Aims and Values

Our Christian Vision

A community of learning and growing in a culture of respect.

In all things you yourself must be an example of good behaviour.

Be sincere and serious in your teaching.

   (Titus 2:7)

Our Christian Aims

Responsible – We are trustworthy, organised, reliable and friendly 

Expectations – We aim high in our learning and enjoy playing safely together 

Special – We are all equal but different 

Participate – We are positively engaged in the life of our school 

Effort – We work hard to make good choices 

Community – We are proud to stand together as a school 

Thankful – We value the care we share with each other

 Our Christian Values



The Federation of Holy Trinity CE Schools has a very valuable relationship with our local churches; Holy Trinity Church and Bethel Chapel. This relationship is an important part of the life of our school.

At Holy Trinity Church we come together to celebrate and worship significant events and festivals in the Christian calendar - Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival. Members and leaders of the church deliver regular acts of Collective worship including drama performances from 'Open the Book'. Members and staff from Holy Trinity Church also serve on our board of governors.

We also share regular worship with Bethel Chapel who help us focus on The Bible, the teaching of Jesus and messages of love, hope and faith.

We are very fortunate to have Ripon Cathedral close to us and throughout the year we support events there through our contributions in song, art, drama and performance. Occasions at the cathedral are very special and provide opportunities for children to experience acts of worship which are inclusive in nature and spiritual in their essence.

Throughout the year there are lots of opportunities for our children to share in the life of the church - having breakfast at Holy Trinity, attending Junior Church at Bethel, joining in with holiday clubs, after-school events and occasional festivals.

Our school welcomes children and families from all religious backgrounds and faiths as well as those from none.  Through our Christian vision, values and aims we seek to explore spirituality, Christian teaching, and mutual respect. 

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