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You will find out all the things we have been exploring in our PSHE lessons:


 Year 4 had to decide what a child of their age needs to be happy and healthy.  They then underlined and discussed what other children in the world might not have access to even though they have the right to these things


Year 5 and 6 pupils write…


Lately in PSHE, we have been learning about equality and how everyone should be treated equally. We have also spent time looking at discrimination, sexism and racism. We spent some of our time on how we are different and unique.


Before the holidays, we started debating and found that some of us are extremely passionate about this subject so much so that we wish to make a club. It will hopefully be held on Monday lunchtimes after Easter. We are very excited about the different topics that we are going to debate!


This is our school...

The following poem by Benjamin Zephaniah, has been reworded by the children from year 5 and 6. It is quite honest and open about how they feel about Diversity and what makes us different in school. We have also linked the poem to our school values and hopefully our British values...

Holy Trinity (serves approx. 500)

Take some boys, girls and teachers,
And let them settle,
Then overrun them with service children.
Remove the year 6 children after approximately 4 years
Add lots of polish settlers to some
English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh, then stir vigorously.

Mix some hot Russians, cool Latvians, Americans,
Indians and Syrians with some Autistics, Asthmatics,
Dyslexics and Diabetics.
Then take a blend of Egyptians, Chinese, Romanian
And Pakistanis,
Combine with some ADHD and Arthritics
And turn up the heat.
Sprinkle some fresh Germans, Maltese, Australians,
Kiwis and Spanish together with some
Canadians, Sri-Lankans, Turkish, Italians, vegetarians
And vegans,
Then add to the melting pot.
Leave the ingredients to simmer and bind.
As they mix and blend allow their languages and differences to flourish
holding them together with peace.
Allow time to be cool.
Add some respect, responsibility, and hope for the future,
Serve with truthfulness
And enjoy.

Note: All the ingredients deserve to be treated the same, for even though they are all different, they are all special. Treating one better than another will lead to hurt and inequality.

Warning: If the ingredients are not treated with care and equality, damage and pain will be spread. Give kindness and respect to all.


Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

Teaching PSHE helps children to understand how to keep themselves safe; mentally and physically healthy and are prepared for life and work.  PSHE covers issues such as online and offline safety, relationships, health and careers taught in a way which is appropriate to the age and maturity of the pupils.  We encourage the use of Circle Time as a means of discussion and addressing issues.

PSHE is taught as a discrete subject weekly and, where appropriate, is also linked to wider areas of the curriculum.

PSHE -  Autumn term 2 2018 

This half term, I had the pleasure of visiting PSHE lessons and talking to childrena bout what they have been learning. 

The topic being taught across the year groups is "Family and Friends".  In lessons, children have been using Circle Time to discuss their feelings about family and friends, difficult situations and strategies for how to deal with them.  Children especially enjoyed group work and looking at different scenarios involving friendships, they offered advice and thought about how they would react in a similar situation. 

 Thank you for having me in your lessons; I really enjoyed it! 


PSHE - Autumn term 1 2018 - we have been focusing on 'being safe on -line'

Year 3 say:

We looked at the button we can press online if something makes us worried or unhappy. We have been talking about technology in our homes and school and how you should always stay safe when using technology. It can be very useful but you have to use it carefully. You should always tell an adult and not try to fix technology yourself.

Year 4 say:
Year 5 say:

Never feel unsafe online,

If you’re uncomfortable tell an adult.

Keep yourself safe online,

Under no circumstances should you feel pressured.

You never put yourself in the wrong position,

You will regret it later in life…


Accounts online.                                                                                                             

No personal information.

No posting embarrassing pics.

Make sure nobody can hack it.

No being mean to other people.

No saying your school, name or age.

Nothing should be about your hobbies.

A nickname is ok.


Remember no stuff about you on your passwords,

Friends must not know a thing, passwords must not even have pet names.

Also remember to tell an adult or a trusted person.


No personal information, don’t send it to your friends.

Don’t add your name, school, telephone number or address.

Don’t put put a photo of you online - THAT IS NOT OK!

Don’t put a mean message online,

As soon as you delete it, someone will already have it.

Keep everything safe!

OH yeah, don’t let anyone get any of your passwords,

Year 6 say:

We have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe.  Eva says, “It’s been a really useful thing to learn about even though it can be quite scary.  It’s important to learn about being safe online both at home and in school.”

 Here are some books to use with younger children all about e-safety:  


PSHE Day 2019


This year, we were lucky enough to welcome Rachael Mackenzie,World Champion Thai Boxer,  back to our school to work with the children about their mental health and wellbeing.  The day started with Rachael leading an assembly; she spoke about her struggles before boxing matches and strategies she used to cope with them.  A highlight was when she pulled a gold medal from her pocket from a match she won despite being severely injured!  Rachael then went on to lead an hour workshop with each class over two days.  These were exciting, engaging and left the children (and staff!) feeling extremely inspired and in awe!  Class teachers and Play Reps led the other sessions throughout the day which included team building activities, yoga and meditation.  A good few days was had by all!  









Year Group What we've been learning about recently 




Year 3

 e-safety  - Choices online!

Through the teaching of PSHE lessons, Year 3 now feel that they are kinder to their friends and have learnt to trust each other more because they have listened to each other’s thoughts and feelings. 

 My emotions:




Year 4

e-safety - Respect online!

In PSHE this half term, Year 4 have been learning how to use Circle Time as a way of communicating and expressing our ideas and emotions.  We have learnt how to be respectful listeners and use this calm time for reflection and learning new things about our friends.  During lessons, we have looked at our support network around us and who is there to help us when we are in need.

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Year 5

e-safety - Consequences online!

In Year 5, we have been building our confidence in sharing our opinions, stories and ideas with our classmates. We have been looking at what makes us who we are and researched our name meaning.

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Year 6

e-safety - Social media!

In PSHE, Year 6 have been learning about children’s rights and responsibilities, we were shocked to learn how many there were.  We have also been picking out which ones we think were the most important and what life would be like without these rights. We were surprised to find out that some children do not get these rights and don’t get the opportunities that we get.

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Years 3 & 4

In Year 3 and 4, we discussed how we feel when changes happen and what we can do to help us cope with change.  We realised that sometimes changes happen for a reason and can be good or bad and make us feel all types of emotions.


Year 5

Have enjoyed learning different ways of managing change. We established that change can be a difficult time and how we face it really will change how we deal with the situation.


 Year 6

During our PSHE lessons, we have discussed what it would be like to start at a new school and how we could help somebody who is new.  We also talked about situations we might come across, like starting high school in September, how we would feel and what we would do.  We made a network of special people we would talk to in the situations: you might talk to your Mum, Dad or siblings.  If you do not want them to know you could talk to teachers, friends or Childline. We have also thought about what it would be like to be there for someone else.