School IT Systems

We use a range of online systems across the federation for learning, communication and information sharing. The main systems for parents and children are easy to access as we use RMUnify which allows us to put all the different cloud based software in one place. 

When a child joins our school you will be provided with your child's login information. This will come in an email from the admin team. Please keep this somewhere you can access it as you and your child will need it. 

Knowing the following will help everyone get the most out of all our systems and if you have any problems please don't worry we will do our best to help you as quickly as we can.


This is where children must logon anytime they wish to use school systems in the cloud. By logging on here they get easy access to all other software and it gives them their own specific identity which allows them to access their own work and settings. Accessing school software in other ways often creates errors and login difficulties.

The link to access RMUnify is:


Using RMUnify also ensures we can monitor safe use of systems.


This is where children interact with their class, save work, do different tasks and have a private channel with information for them and parents. This is where information such as yearly routines are kept and where parents and children can see their reports and transition information. 



  • Is learning focused
  • Gives access to the full suite of Microsoft Office Products (online) at no cost to children and parents
  • A platform which works on any device
  • Is not a place for daily communication between parents and staff
  • Does not replace the need to contact school through the normal avenues such as contacting the office to ask questions and pass messages on
  • Is used daily by staff and children
  • Is accessed via RMunify


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Curriculum Visions


Curriculum Visions


This is a brilliant online resource for research into all curriculum areas. Children and families of our school have a login which gives access to many of the resources. Staff have a different login which makes additional teaching resources available too.  


Curriculum Visions is accessed through RMUnify 


The username and password for everyone is:

Username: holytrinity.northyorks/0001

Password: jungle