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School Improvement &

Development Planning

We constantly look to improve the work of our schools and the outcomes for pupils. Historically a School Improvement and Development Plan was prepared for each school, however, now we are federated with one headteacher we write a federation plan which is the strategic document we use to focus our improvement work each year. This document is updated throughout the year and evaluated for impact as the actions are undertaken. The benefit of having a federation plan is that we can maximise effectiveness, efficiency and draw on expertise from across a wider range of professionals. A fuller version of this plan is available upon request. 

Priorities 2021 2022: 

Current Context

Federation staff have come back from lockdown each time and maintained the ‘On Track’ mindset for children and each other. This was noted by OFSTED in the monitoring visit (March 21). 


Having a culture of continual improvement is something that was already present in the federation and was strengthening even further as we approached lockdown. During the lockdown period, we continued to take part in CPD sessions and all staff undertook a broad range of training both in person and online.  During the period we have been following COVID protocols, there has understandably been a lack of opportunity for collaborative working, visiting other classes and direct development work with colleagues. 


This development plan is written to ensure what was strong strengthens, where priorities have emerged they are identified and actions are put in place to recapture where we were, build from where we are, and accelerate the Federation’s improvement journey.



  • Holy Trinity CE Infant School has been subject to 2 monitoring visits during the last academic year and is now due a section 5 (full) OFSTED inspection. 
  • Holy Trinity CE Junior School is due a section 5 OFSTED inspection.  


Priorities take account of the feedback in the latest monitoring report: 

(Inspection Monitoring Visit 2021) The school should take further action to: 

  • ensure a consistent approach to how staff apply and deliver phonics knowledge to the whole class, to small groups and when reading with individual pupils 
  • further develop the wider curriculum so that all subjects are clearly planned and sequenced to enable pupils to build their knowledge over time. 

Leadership and Management 

 To build capacity for sustained improvement, further strengthening the Federation and outcomes for all.  

Quality of Education 

 To provide an exceptional Quality of Church School Education for all children, with a particular focus on consistency, phonics, early language development and extending the whole curriculum offer.   

Behaviour and Attitudes 

 To reignite the Federation ethos of positive behaviour, attitudes and contribution of children to the school community  

Personal Development 

 To promote well-being and deepen the engagement of families in children’s learning, development and as part of the Holy Trinity community.  

EYFS  (Early Years - Reception and Nursery)

To strengthen the Federation response  to changes in the Early Years Framework with a focus on: 

  • Curriculum 
  • Workload 
  • Assessment  
  • Enhancing Environments 

Christian Distinctiveness 

To actively promote the Federation’s Christian vision through living our Christian values 


To secure succession planning

We welcome input and feedback from our community to help us shape and focus our plans. This is through the medium of surveys, questionnaires and direct email to the headteacher. If you would like more information or to look at the more detailed plans please feel free to share thoughts and ideas in person or to:  headteacher@htceschools.co.uk