The Environment Project

The Environment Project is a Y6 task to improve the school environment in the school area. We are doing this to help the environment and hopefully make a change to our school environment.

Before And During Pictures

After Pictures

 After Pictures

Team Woodland 

We are fixing the woodland area and making the woodland area a safer place to go and play.

Cabin Crew

The cabin crew wants the cabin to be a nice place and to be cleaner for more uses.

Project Pond

We want to clear the pond area and hopefully bring back all the  flowers,nature and animals.

Fix It Green 

We want to fix the patio up and clean it down and tidy up the outside area also we want to put flowers in the community room.


We want to make bugs and birds safe and secure homes like bird boxes and bug hotels. This will provide shelter to keep animals dry.

Gardening Gang


In year 6 we did an environmental project that lasted 2 weeks that consisted of us getting muddy and improving our school grounds.


I am part of the Gardening Gang and I am going to tell you what we did.


My point of View

As the leader of the gardening gang, I had to be organised and make sure that I had a day to day plan. I have learnt throughout this project that you have to have patience and resilience to succeed.


What We Did

We spent the first week of our project planning, sending emails, finding equipment and looking for areas that needed improving. In the second week, we finally got our hands dirty and got stuck in. In the end, we achieved a lot more than we could have imagined, we planted vegetables, fruits and even herbs.


What we have to do to keep the plants healthy

To maintain healthy plants, we have a group of the gardening gang before and after school to water and look after the fruits and vegetables. We have even started to collect a group of year 5s that can follow in our footsteps when we leave in september.


By Maya from The Gardening Gang


Outside Classroom

Reflection Time

On Friday 23rd April, Y6 reflected on all the hard work they did. They looked at all changes in the area and had some lovely cakes with icing that was a earth shape these lovely cakes were made by our wonderful kitchen staff. We also had circle time to reflect what we have learnt like teamwork we had to work with people we usually don't work with but we got along.

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 Walk To School Day

Walk To School Day will be on the Friday  23rd of April. All students are not required to walk to school but if you can then go ahead and save the environment and save money.


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