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Date: 13/05/22

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Please find our newsletter below.  We hope you enjoy our new look newsletter and feedback is encouraged and welcomed. A link to this is also posted in your child's class Team.



























Date: 12/11/21 

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Please find our newsletter below.  A copy of this is also posted in your child's class Team.

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Thank you, and any questions please get in touch. 

Paul Bowlas  



OFSTED Visit to Infants School 23rd March 2021

Ofsted is inspecting your child's school remotely on Tuesday 23rd March 2021and we would like to know what you think about the school. Your views about the school are important to us.


If you are a registered parent or carer of a pupil at the school (including pupils on sick leave or who are temporarily excluded), you can tell us your views about the school by completing Ofsted's online survey, Ofsted Parent View, at: www.parentview.ofsted.gov.ukOfsted Parent View asks for your opinion on some aspects of your child's school,

including the progress made by your child, the quality of teaching, how the school deals with bullying and poor behaviour. It also provides a free-text box for you to make additional comments, if you wish.


The inspectors will use the online survey responses when inspecting your child's school. To register your views, you will need to provide your email address, which will be held securely. It will not be used for any purpose other than providing access to the online survey. Neither schools nor Ofsted will have access to any email addresses.


Please complete the online survey as soon as possible, preferably by 11am on the day of the inspection, as this will give the inspection team more time to consider your views.



We are continuing to have a focus on wellbeing and from after Easter we will also be working with people from Tree of Knowledge who provide a whole school resource to support: 

Our friend Alan at Tree of has shared the following for adults in our community:

Here’s a 20-minute video from Gavin Oattes, designed simply to lift your spirits and get you thinking about how you can support and encourage one another.

Click here: https://vimeo.com/522685133

Please make yourself a cup of something warm or wait until later and pour yourself a glass of something cold, and take 20 minutes out to watch and recharge.


Celebration Assembly

Congratulations to all those children receiving awards and mentions in our celebration assembly this week - click here to watch 


Easter Service

We'll be watching this in school next week and please take time to watch and share with others – thank you

Click Here


Year 5 Cycling

All children have the opportunity to gain a qualification in cycling and bicycle care and safety. We need information from parents to allow us to target this and to create the best opportunities for cyclists of different confidence levels.

Year 5 parents please CLICK HERE


Easy Fundraising

Easter is almost upon us and with the promise of good weather and garden time around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to use your everyday online Spring shopping to create free donations for our school through EasyFundraising.   


EasyFundraising is one of the UKs biggest charity shopping sites, it is supported by over 4,000 retailers and together they have raised over £30 million for thousands of PTAs and community groups across the UK.   Holy Trinity is one of the recipients of the EasyFundraising scheme.  To support us, just start your shopping online through the EasyFundraising site first and then continue to shop as normal.  Your retailer will then make a small donation to say "thank you" for using them and Holy Trinity receives that donation.


It couldn't be simpler and the donations we receive directly benefit our children.   That's truly 'feel good shopping'.


Follow this link Click Here

Click on start fundraising today, you will find us under Holy Trinity CE Junior School. 



Parents evening

Please remember to book your parents evening appointment - 87% of parents already have. To book - Click Here. If you have already booked look out for a message from School Cloud.



The attendance for this week is:

Reception - 99%

Year 1 - 97%

Year 2 - 97%

Year 3 - 97%

Year 4 - 97%

Year 5 - 99%

Year 6 - 97%

Well done everyone - let's keep going!




Latest Update

I would like to thank everyone in our community for enabling us to have a successful week back in school – staff, you have been, and continue to be, amazing - thank you!


A huge thank you and well done to our children – they have had such an ‘interesting’ time over the last year. It is easy to forget that whether children have or haven’t been in school, being back with so many other children is both good and potentially overwhelming. Children have been a real credit to themselves and each other this week!


Celebration Assembly

 Please Click Here to see this week's celebration assembly



Children's wellbeing is really key to their happiness in school and to making progress in their learning. We currently have a focus on wellbeing throughout the curriculum. If you would like more information please email headteacher@htceschools.co.uk


Attendance is amazing - Thank You 

Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
99% 97% 99% 100% 99% 99% 97%

Please can parents help the school community by not arriving at school before children's drop off and pick up times - much appreciated. 


Parents’ Evening

Our online Parents’ Evenings will take place for all year groups (including Nursery) on Weds 24th March and Thurs 25th March via School Cloud. 

Please click here to book an appointment for a child at the Junior School  

Please click here to book an appointment for a child at the Infant School (including Nursery)  

When you have booked your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email from School Cloud, containing details of how to join your video call. 
The booking system will close on Monday 22nd March at 7:30pm.


** Please remember you’ll need to sign in using the information you checked recently on the Scholar Pack App – If you have problems please email admin@htceschools.co.uk**

Thank you to those who have already booked: 

60% of parents at KS1

63% of parents at KS2


Lunch Payment

Please could parents log in to their ParentPay accounts and ensure lunch accounts are in credit. If parents need help logging into ParentPay, please email admin@htceschools.co.uk


LEGO-based Family activities Pilot Project

My name is Abigail Dodson and I work for an organisation called  Bricks for Autism (previously I ran BrickTime.org in Ripon).  I would love to hear from any families who would be interested in piloting a series of LEGO-based activities for parents to engage their children (age 3-18) in play.   


After trying the activities I would love families to give anonymous feedback so that I can improve them.  The intention is that these activities will be a FREE online resource for families to use at home.  If this works I would love to do more!


If you and your family are interested in testing some of the activities for me, please email me at: abigail@bricks-for-autism.co.uk and I will send you the activities and anonymous online survey.  The closing date for feedback on the activities is Sunday 21st March 2021.


I really appreciate your help with this.

Many thanks

Abigail Dodson

Training & Development Specialist, Bricks for Autism C.I.C. 


Random Acts of Kindness

We have heard of and benefited from many acts of kindness over this lockdown period. We are very grateful for and moved by the generosity and thoughtfulness within our community, not least grandparents and the wider members of families who think beyond their own circumstances and have supported others with compassion and thoughtfulness. Thank you!


I had a lovely email last week in relation to Jake in Year 6:

‘If there was an award for "Random Acts of Kindness" we would like to nominate Jake. Ever since the first lockdown way back last year Jake has popped round on a Saturday afternoon with delicious homemade cakes, a cheery smile and a chat ( all whilst socially distancing) which was most appreciated as we are shielding for health reasons. Word has it on the street that we were not the only recipients of these treats. Jake is truly a credit to his parents and his school perhaps even deserves a "Trinity Tick". 

Watch out Bake Off!


Midday Supervisor Vacancy

Wondering what to do when the children are back to school? Looking for new employment? Wanting a career working with children?

We have a vacancy for a Midday Supervisor - click here for more details. 




Looking Forward...

Please remember that tomorrow - Friday 05/03/21 is a training day.


We are very much looking forward to having all children and staff back in school. 

Please be reassured that we are following safety measures and that we are planning to take time helping children to get used to being back in school. If you would like to help your children prepare please Click Here for suggestions.  


We are using the training day to refresh the learning environments and also to evaluate our curriculum and further plans from this point. Our view is that we need to move forward with positivity and we will be planning, assessing, reviewing and adapting what we teach in line with what the children need. 


On the Organisation Page - (Click Here) there is all the information you need. Please can I ask all parents, whether children are currently attending school or returning on Monday,  to read  in preparation (timings are different for example).  


We do recognise that this is a difficult time for everyone. Please remember that as a school we have, and continue to, do everything we can to be open and support children and families.





The sun is shining - I hope everyone has some time to enjoy it!


It has felt like a really positive week this week. Although we still have quite a way to go to get back to normal, the continuing pace of the vaccination programme and news of children returning to school gives us all hope. For those of you who have had your children at home during this time, you should be very proud of everything you have achieved. Next week, as every week, will be good for some and trickier for others so here are few top tips which you can do to help prepare your child for returning to school on Monday 8th March:


  • Going to bed and getting up – everyday next week, make bedtime and your morning routine the same time as it would be for a normal school day, it will be too stressful to leave this until the 8th!
  • Food – in school, children have a break mid-morning where they can have fruit (free at KS1, children at KS2 bring their own healthy snack) and lunch, with water available all day. Try to stick to this routine next week  in preparation. 
    School Uniform – To help start back as we mean to go on, we would like all children to be in full school uniform, including school shoes on Monday 8th. Trying uniform and school shoes on at the start of next week would be a good plan - you’ll be surprised how much they have grown. If you need any uniform, you can contact Ele at the uniform shop via her facebook page or by ringing the number on the shop door. We understand that there may need to be some flexibility in uniform for the first week or so back - thank you.
  • Help preparing for return  - if you would like some ideas for helping yourself and your children to come back to school and / or adjust to everyone being back please CLICK HERE - there are some great resources from our partners at Just B.


Celebration Assembly

Lots of great learning this week and many things to celebrate.

Click Here to watch this week’s Collective Worship and Friday Celebration Assembly.

Click Here for links to next week’s Collective Worship.


Training Day

Please remember that Friday 5th March is a training day for all year groups including Nursery. This is to provide school staff with time and space to ensure we are ready for the full return of all children. This replaces the training day in April so children will be required to attend on Monday 12th April. Thank you for your understanding and support – it is really important that we are ready, so we can hit the ground running on Monday 8th.


World Book day

World Book Day is Thursday 4th March and we will be celebrating by having various activities across the week with most of them appearing on the day itself. We won’t be dressing up this year, instead we’ll be focusing on the joy of reading so why not take time to share some extra stories at home together next week. Some staff have also been digging out their favourite children’s story to record for the children to watch in school and at home, I’m sure many of you still have your favourite children’s story too.



School Lunches

Our new menus for the rest of the Spring and Summer Terms will begin on Monday 8th March with a special welcome back meal - click here. We have included some firm favourites for the children to enjoy and really hope as many of our children as possible take up the opportunity to have a healthy and nutritious meal during the school day. 




 Update Following PM Announcement


Hopefully everyone has a positive feeling about last night’s announcement in relation to the road map to normality and children coming back to school - we certainly have!

Please see below for important information:


  • There is a lot to do to make sure we can set school and classes up for as smooth a return as possible. Therefore, we are making Friday 5th March a training day .
  • This will replace the training day planned for 12th April - Children will be in school on this day.
  • If your child is currently attending school please be aware that you will need to make alternative arrangements. I am sorry this is short notice, we have been open through rain, snow and storm and very much hope you understand that we will be using the 5th March for the benefit of everyone returning – thank you.


We are aware that many of you will be starting to plan your days again from the 8th March and I hope the following is helpful ahead of time: 

Year Group

Drop Off

Pick up

Nursery drop No Change
Reception 835 3:00
Year 1 8:40 3:05
Year 2 8:45  3:10
Year 3 8:40  3:15
Year 4  845  3:20
Year 5 8:50  3:25
Year 6 8:55  3:30

 We will provide more information as soon as we receive the latest updates and guidance from the Government and the Local Authority. 


Reports & Parents' Evenings 

Reports will be appearing in your children’s channels in Teams this week. Please take time to have a look and share.


We will be holding parents' evenings on Wednesday the 24th and Thursday the 25th March. They will be online like last time, please look out for APP messages with details nearer the time. 




As I write this update and reflect upon the past 6 weeks, it seems to have been a blurred mixture of everyone trying their best, having good days and challenging ones, successes both big and small and times when it just went wrong – oh and let’s not forget a few days of snow thrown into the mix too! We’ll all have different memories from the past 6 weeks and we’ll all be going into the half term holidays with different feelings and emotions so wherever you are at, I hope you find time as a family next week to rest, celebrate and just have some fun!


I am currently struggling with the biscuit tin and with the promise of warmer weather am going to padlock it!


MSA Vacancy

We are seeking an enthusiastic individual to work alongside members of our staff team to support our children at lunchtimes. This is an ideal opportunity to gain experience of working with children in a school environment.

Please click here for more details and to access the application pack.


It’s Magic

We thought you all deserved a treat for half term so we have accessed a Magic show for you all to watch as a family. Today, staff will be posting a link in your child’s general channel for you all to watch over half term – we hope you enjoy it - there are tricks to learn too - have fun!


Healthy Eating Winner!

Congratulations to Matilda in Y5 who has won the North Yorkshire Healthy Eating competition with her fantastic poem. Thank you to all Y5 children who entered and a particular well done to Matilda. Here is a copy of her poem or click here to watch her reading it for us in today’s celebration assembly.



Celebration Assembly

Click Here to watch this week's celebration assembly. 


After Half Term

For those with school places, school opens on Monday 22nd Feb and for those at home, distance learning will begin on the same day. The provisional date for the full opening of school is 8th March and the Government are planning to give everyone a 2 week notice period. This means we should have an announcement on or before Monday 22nd Feb. Please be patient with us, as we find out at the same time as you, and we will be keeping you all up to date in a sensible, timely and appropriate way.


Thank you as always.

Have a break if you can everyone! 

Everyone at Holy Trinity.







Parent App

Following our email last week, please could we remind parents to check the information we hold for your children via our School App. For further details, please see email dated Tuesday 2nd February. It is essential your child's details are checked and confirmed via the app by Thursday 11th February as from Friday 12th February this extended feature will be turned off and you will only be able to see basic details again.


If you have any issues with the app (or viewing your child's details) please email admin@htceschools.co.uk.


Parents working with children at home -

Supporting your child to have a go is all you need to do. No one is expecting you to be a qualified teacher so don’t put pressure on yourself to be able to explain or know everything that your child is doing. Staff are on hand to answer questions and TEAMS meetings each day are there for your child to ask for help and clarify their understanding. You are also able to pop a message in your child’s channel if you’d like to share or ask something (please let us know if it is you and not your child asking so we can tailor the response).


We have added a new page to this Tab where we will put materials including videos and other things to provide help with some common questions, thoughts and challenges of Distance Learning. If you have some thoughts, ideas, web links or other material to share please email to me, we know that often people at home do things that would benefit other families too - thank you!


Click Here for Learning Help  


Collective Worship

Thank you to Year 3 for their class worship this week, it was a real pleasure to see you all and hear your thoughts and feelings about this time and listen to a special story too. 

This week - Click Here 

Next week - Click Here


Things to do…

It isn’t easy to find new things to do during this lockdown so why not try something different. The Dark Skies Festival has gone virtual this year – click here to see the events they are offering


A Plea from Mrs Rees (or Frosty the PE teacher as she's currently known)

As you are aware, due to the current situation, PE is still taking place outside regardless of the weather.  Next week, snow and cold temperatures have been forecast and with this in mind, please can you:

  • Ensure your child has appropriate warm clothing (lots of layers are ideal) for PE
  • send your child with spare socks
  • Provide trainers as indoor pumps are not ideal for PE outside - we've had a few children with soggy feet this week
  • Be aware that we do not have spare socks in school so trainers would be preferable
  • Be aware that if there is snow on the ground, the children can wear their wellies


Thank you for your support and understanding.   


Weather  - Further to the update above

The weather map is showing snow again for next week. For those families in school, please check the front page of the school website for opening / closing information. We will put the information there as soon as we are able to make a safe decision.

Next week is also expected to be very cold. Ventilation and fresh air continues to be essential in reducing Covid risks so please make sure your child has plenty of layers for inside the classroom and for outdoor play and PE.


Please remember that all snow and weather updates will be on the website - we will also send APP messages directing you where to look on the website (please don't phone unless it's an emergency). We are aware that messages on the last snow day did go to the APP, however, Push Notifications did not work on some devices - this matter is being addressed with the App provider and should be resolved very soon. 






We are aware that children at home are likely to be using up your supplies of paper and other stationery items. We are able to provide whatever stationery you require. Please just give the office a ring and let them know what you need so that collection can be arranged. Please don't be afraid to ask, if your child were in school, we'd be providing everything they needed for their learning. 


Children's Mental Health Week (1st - 7th Feb)

This is a big topic of conversation at the moment and one which is very personal to each family and child. To continue to support children with knowing how to look after their mental health, this week there will be a greater level of activities which support children's well-being. This will include mindfulness sessions and additional active and creative sessions. 

If you would like to know more click here and if you require support or are worried about you child, please ring school to speak to Mrs Ireland or Mrs Brewster and visit our school Well-being page


Responding to feedback

Thank you for the helpful feedback we continue to receive. We have taken on board what has been shared with us in relation to the challenges of getting started again on a Monday. With this in mind, we will endeavour to ensure Monday's learning is familiar in its structure and content. 


Collective Worship 

Thank you to the children of Litton (at home and in school) who contributed to their class worship last week. If you'd like to catch up on any of the Acts of Collective Worship, including Celebration Assembly, the link for last week and the coming week are below

Week beginning 25/1/21 click here

Week beginning 1/2/21 click here






Do the best you can and well done!


We know from the previous lockdown that everyone has different experiences of learning at home and this can come in waves of success and struggle. 


Across the federation we are being innovative in our approach to developing remote education including online learning. This is a new skill set and extending use of teaching, learning and communication tools is rapid and not without its challenges. This whole way of learning is also new to children and lots of parents too. I am very proud of how quickly everyone is adapting – well done to you all!


Without lockdown, children in school have the equipment, rooms, expertise of staff and resources to motivate them and their routines, favourite subjects and friends to keep them going. We are so impressed and humbled by what people are managing at home...


One of the things that works really well in school is our RESPECT Code. We have adapted it for home learning as I want to  remind everyone to THINK when using online tools and when doing home learning. Please share this with your children and chat with them about what it means  

Remember People can be anxious about being seen or heard online. Rarely are teachers invited into people’s homes or parents and children invited into a teacher’s home – we will all get it right and wrong, let’s respect and try to understand each other, giving each other time and showing patience.
Education Aim high in our learning and try our best. Some days are more successful than others - recognise any, and all effort being more successful than none. One day at a time!  
Social Make the best use of the social side of remote education and remember that other people can see, read and look at what we all do – THINK and be socially safe and kind!
Participate  Try to join in, there are often lots of children on TEAMS (and the other computer programs we use) and a teacher in charge. It can be quite hard doing calls with lots of people so you may not always get the same attention that you’d receive in class. Don’t let that put you off!
Effort At home don’t rely on your family to help you straightaway. If you were in school, you’d be asked to have a go before you asked for help (Trinity Tricks). Try your best - nobody can ask more than that!
Community Let’s show understanding of each other in all we do. Everyone has good days and bad days, busy days and quiet ones. We want to do our best at school and you want to do your best at home – we are all human and get things right and wrong – encouraging, forgiving and being supportive strengthens our community!
Together Now more than ever we are in it together – let’s get through this and look forward to better times ahead!

Thankfulness, Trust, Respect, Truthfulness, Hope, Responsibility

Lateral Flow Testing for staff in primary schools

Dear All,

Lateral Flow Tests have been made available for regular staff testing in primary schools. This is intended to identify positive cases of coronavirus who are asymptomatic because the science shows that up to 1 in 3 people with Covid are asymptomatic (they don’t have any symptoms).

The tests should start from this week (week beginning 25th January) subject to stock arriving on time. The Department for Education do not have plans at this time for the regular testing of primary school children but we will inform you if this ever changes in the future.

We warmly welcome the introduction of rapid testing for our staff as we strive to make our school as safe as possible for everyone. Last week we accessed two training sessions with the Department for Education and Public Health to ensure our school administers the tests in line with the guidance and as efficiently as we possibly can.

The tests will take place twice weekly (Sunday morning and Wednesday evening) at home and the results are available within 30 minutes. This will hopefully provide you all with some reassurance, as it will minimise the chance of asymptomatic staff attending school.

Please be aware:

If a staff member tests positive following testing using a Lateral Flow Test, they then need to have this confirmed by taking a PCR test (taken at a drive through test centre) with results normally available within 48hours. The safety of our school community is extremely important to us therefore we would take these actions should a member of staff have a positive lateral flow test:

  • The year group or class bubble would temporarily close immediately
  • Staff member would have a PCR test
  • Member of staff’s PCR test is negative – the year group bubble would open the next day after confirmation of the negative result
  • Member of staff’s PCR test is positive – the year group bubble would remain closed with all members of that bubble needing to isolate for 10 days


I have decided to inform all parents about this development even if your child is working remotely at home because I believe all parents need to know what actions we are taking to keep everyone in our community as safe as we can.

This is good news for our school, and I am sure you will share our relief that we will now be tested regularly. Thanks again for your continued support.



Collective Worship and Celebration Assembly

Getting going each morning can often be the trickiest part of the day. Children and adults need a starting point (often this is leaving the house). In lockdown that isn't possible for everyone so we hope you are enjoying sharing collective worship together at home to start your day. We always watch it in school too.

Every Friday you can also watch celebration assembly which is currently celebrating learning from those both in and out of school.  The link to collective worship can be found on your child's learning plan or you can use the links below. 

Week beginning 18/1/21

Week beginning 25/1/21 (they will appear each day next week)


Make Time

Life is very busy and it can sometimes feels like everything needs to slow down or stop for a while. Everyone, regardless of each of our circumstances we all need to take time to make time for what is important to us. 

I was reading the 'Make Time' blog and it asked:

'When I look back on my day, what do I want the highlight to be?'

This weekend, why not spend some time as a family making new 'highlights' and having some fun. 


Thank you

As lockdown progresses, I continue to be amazed by the work happening at home and in school. Staff, many with children and commitments of their own, are working tirelessly to make the best of the situation for everyone. The consideration and thought that is going into planning, learning, organisation, welfare and support is quite something. I am sure you will want to join me in thanking the staff and reminding them to make some time for themselves this weekend. 


Critical Workers and Covid

As we reported earlier in the week, the local situation regarding COVID is deteriorating, we have an increasing number of serious cases amongst our school community and the safety of our children, staff and families is a serious concern to us. 

Parents of children with critical worker places have been asked to consider the following:

  • Are both parents key workers?
  • Are parents working from home but could manage having a child / children at home?
  • Where parents are separated, if one isn’t working can they have the child at home?  
  • If you are military are you part of the Covid response?


Anyone who is considering requesting a place will also need to be able to provide a letter from their employers which:

  • Demonstrates key worker status for the provision of essential services or are critical to the Covid response     
  • Has the current date.
  • Has the parent’s name clearly identified
  • Is on letter headed paper and has a direct contact email and phone number to the person providing the letter


Thank you - we know everyone is doing the best they can

Have a restful weekend 

Helen Appleton 



Our Locality

I send the following having just discussed Coronavirus increases in our local schools with other headteachers. We are collectively worried about the current situation.   


 National Lockdown

The Government are sharing

  • This is a National Lockdown
  • Covid 19 is spreading fast
  • Do not leave your home unless necessary
  • 1 in 3 people who have the virus have no symptoms, so you could be spreading it without knowing


One of my challenges is ensuring I have the correct number of staff in school, and at home, to support learning. As the new variant of Coronavirus has spread in our area this challenge has been made more difficult by the growing number of positive cases within our staff families. We recognise this is a difficult time for many, and appreciate all everyone is doing. Please continue to take Coronavirus seriously. I am genuinely worried for children and staff in school each day, and their families at home. Anyone in school runs the risk of contracting or spreading the virus in school and at home.


School Places – Critical Workers

Thank you to all our critical workers - including school staff. We are keen to support key workers with offering places in school. However, I am concerned about the numbers already in school, and the increasing amount of requests we are receiving.

Those with places:

  • Is the place you have been allocated absolutely necessary?
  • Are you working at home?
  • Have you been furloughed since requesting a place?
  • Are you aware that if it is not essential you could be taking the place of somebody who has no other option?
  • Is your work critical to the Coronavirus response?
  • Be aware that if numbers in school don’t reduce or further essential places are needed, your child’s school place may be reviewed and further details of your critical worker role requested


If you wish to request a place, you are required to:

  • Email headteacher@htceschools.co.uk requesting the place
  • Provide evidence from your employer that you are in one of the critical worker roles, including those in the services who must be central to the Coronavirus response
  • Confirm that you cannot work from home
  • Confirm that, where there are 2 parents in the home or living locally, both are critical workers - or provide details of why a place is still required with only one critical worker in the household   


Thank you

This is a difficult time for everyone, and I recognise that the challenges of home learning are many and varied. I also recognise that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work as the demands of the day in each household are different, for example, not everyone is able to start home-learning at the same time and where there are siblings, working parents, animals to look after etc. these all require time and attention.


I am in no doubt that the best place for children is in school, hence, our approach to bringing children back before the summer.


We are trying to tailor home learning, including mixing live lessons with pre-recorded content etc. and this is in line with the recent guidance from OFSTED – ‘What’s Working Well’. I recognise that not everything we do will be ideal for everyone and we are mindful of not sending things which require printing (some do slip through the net) and not making everything about screen time. We also know that home is a different place to school. All children learn at different rates and in different ways and where all day online learning may work for some it doesn’t work for all.

Thank you for all you are doing to try to make it work and here are a few things to help:

  • Make a timetable together with all adults in the house and start with breakfast time, then plan all the day’s breaks before adding the working times
  • Where possible have time outside during the breaks, we have playtimes in school not so teachers can have coffee but because children really need it
  • Don’t over-supervise if children are outside, let them walk, throw a ball etc. and give them down time
  • Share meal times to talk about how children are doing
  • Don’t be tough on yourselves if something goes wrong
  • Fresh air, fresh air, fresh air
  • Drink lots of water
  • Don’t look at what others are posting on social media and feel like you’re not doing well enough – people rarely post their struggles!


There are lots more suggestions here


Free School Meals 

Please see the meals page - Click Here



Well done everyone - another week closer to the end...


Remember to celebrate all achievements with each other - every step forward counts!


Have lovely weekend.



Bad Weather

The forecast  - Click Here suggests that it may well snow overnight and through the day tomorrow. When making a decision about bad weather I have to:

  • Consider staff ability to get to work and home safely and in a timely manner
  • Ensure ratios of pupils to staff in school are at an acceptable and safe level
  • Consider Covid safe practice
  • Be confident that children and parents can travel to and from school safely 

We plan to be open and will do everything we can to be safely open. Please check your App alerts from 6:30 in the morning and the school website for up to date information. Please ensure you continue to check throughout the day and also ensure those with responsibility for picking children up are aware.

Home / School Places?

I recognise the stress people are under with home schooling and also balancing work commitments. However, there are a number of announcements in the press locally which lead me to ask those with school places if they are absolutely necessary? 


Dr Jacqueline Andrews, executive medical director at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, has issued a plea for people to stay at home to help keep the pressure off hospitals.

 Nationally, there has been a rapid increase in Covid-19 cases in December and January, resulting in a large increase in hospitalisations. Increasing community transmissions in Harrogate and wider North Yorkshire is now translating into increased numbers presenting at Harrogate District Hospital.


In the past week, we have seen a significant increase in the number of people with Covid-19 requiring inpatient care – we currently have 46 Covid-19 inpatients in the Trust, up from 19 a week ago. Clearly, this past week has seen a very significant increase of people needing inpatient care. 


This is placing a significant strain on services at the Trust. In response to rising numbers we are increasing the number of beds available for patients with Covid-19 on wards and in critical care. In order to do this, we unfortunately have to postpone some planned elective surgery to free up staff to provide care for Covid-19 patients. We will be continuing to provide urgent and cancer care during this time.



Free School meals

Arrangements for free school meal collection have changed to make things easier for everyone and it looks like the Government have changed their minds again today about the longer term plan. We will definitely be providing food hampers next week as orders have already been placed. We will respond to Government plans as soon as we have them solidly confirmed. For arrangements for pick up please see here.


Hoodies and Uniform

Ele from Ripon Uniform shop says,

'We are operating a click and collect style of service as even though the school's have some learners in we are not classed as essential. Parents can either contact us through our Facebook page Ripon Uniform Shop or they can call the shop and leave a message, or my mobile number is in the window for people to be able to text. We have some hoodies in and I should be able to get more done, I am waiting on confirmation that the printers is working still, so we will help if we can.


Ele x'


Being connected to Family and Friends

 A very kind parent wanted to share the following link with you all as it really helped her to explain being connected to family and friends to her children....


The book is called the invisible string and I've attached a YouTube video of it being read aloud.  https://youtu.be/2rZNTFf35Aw


 Please contact me if you need anything. 


We know from the last lockdown that families have a wide range of competing priorities on their time and that home learning is often one amongst many. We are very grateful for all the effort you are making at home and whether you’ve got into a good routine or are working to find one – THANK YOU! If we could have all the children in school we would.

Staff are being very proactive with all classes and children. We try to get to everyone, if you or your child is struggling or need some more direct contact please email h.appleton@htceschools.co.uk


Requests for Places

We had very few additional requests for places yesterday. Thank you for being mindful of the current lockdown situation.



We are aware there have been some broadband issues in Ripon. Thank you for you doing your best when it is so tricky, hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Free School Meals

Today we distributed care packages to children who qualify for Free School Meals - thank you to all those who collected during the allotted times.


From next Monday please arrive at the gates of the Junior school between 1 & 1.30pm to collect. Please see Here for more information  




School Places - Those with and without places
(Nursery - no change)

On Friday evening the Government changed its guidance for key workers to include the following line - 'but parents and carers should keep their children at home if they can'. Therefore please can I urge anyone already allocated a place or wishing to request a place please consider all options and only make an application if absolutely necessary.  - our numbers are already comparatively high. This is a national lockdown and the health of children, staff and the community depends on our actions. If you no longer require a place having considered the guidance please email headteacher@htceschools.co.uk


Places allocated are for 5 full days. We do not offer part time or flexible places. Full time helps us to reduce possible infection risks and provides continuity for home and school learning. 

If you wish to request a key worker place the form will be open between 10:30 and 2:30 today. Please Click Here to request. Please be aware that we may ask for a letter from your employer confirming that you are in the critical worker group. (If your child already has a key worker school place, please do not reapply)


School Communication - Closures and Safety

On Friday we closed early due to the weather. I never like to do this but I have to consider staff being able to get home as well as parents getting back from work. The use of the APP was largely successful and the vast majority of pupils were collected within the given window. 


Apologies to the few people where the APP was an issue - please contact the office if this continues to be the case and they will help you. admin@htceschools.co.uk


It is essential that people use the APP for communication and check regularly for updates. I am aware that some critical workers may not always be able to check phones. If this is the case please let the office know and they will add a second contact to the APP. 


On Friday it took a significant amount of time to clear the school and if this had been due to a Covid closure it would have created a real problem. These are unusual times and I ask that you please make checking school communications and reading them thoroughly a priority and do so regularly throughout the day. 


When messages come through please do not phone school unless it is an emergency. On Friday there were some emergencies with cars being crashed and essential workers in remote places - we need these people to be able to get through on the phones. 


Please can I ask that anyone who uses childcare providers checks with them their protocols for communication and action in the event of school closure.



We have now provided a significant number of devices for home learning and are reaching the capacity we can offer before we have insufficient to support the learning of the children in school. We are pleased to be able to offer devices at home and we are doing all we can to try to obtain more. 

Please also remember, if it helps:

  • Xbox and Playstation have web browsers and allow you to access TEAMS
  • Smart TVs have web browsers allow you to access TEAMS
  • make sure you are logging in via RMUnify (click here). If you get stuck, ring school and we’ll talk you through it.
  • If wanting to share children's work using an Iphone / Ipad, you can create a new note, click on camera, choose Scan Documents, follow the onscreen instructions , you can then add annotations and comments too.


If anyone has TECH Tips they would like to share please send them to me.


Flu Immunisation

If your child has not had their flu immunisation, the last session in our area is on Wednesday 13th January click here for details



Home Learning

Well done children, families and staff! Getting going with great enthusiasm and at such speed is remarkable. For lots of you, TEAMS meetings is new and I know a lot have happened today across all year groups, they are a really good way of your child keeping in touch with others and talking about their learning with staff and children – some classes are also doing live story time which I can highly recommend adults watch too.

If you had any difficulties accessing live sessions today, please don’t worry we are all on hand to help you. Firstly, ask your child as they often know more than you think, make sure you are logging in via RMUnify (click here). If you do get stuck, just give us a ring at school and we’ll talk you through it.


In-school Learning

Thank you for working with us to make pick up and drop off work and be as safe as it can be for everyone. Please continue to wear your face coverings and stick within the window times.

The temperature in school is cooler than normal as the windows are open - we have to maintain some fresh air ventilation even in cold weather. Children can wear plenty of layers under their uniform and they can wear their hoody too. PE will be continuing (outside) so they’ll need their full PE kit.


Snow and Bad Weather

Just in case life was getting a bit dull, we now have a weather warning to liven things up a bit!

There is the possibility of snow and ice this evening and tomorrow. If you are walking to school, please be careful on icy pavements and make sure children have appropriate footwear. If it does snow, we like to make the most of it so wellies / boots are a good idea along with indoor footwear too.

If we are unable to open school due to bad weather, we will publish this via the Scholarpack app and on the school website, please don’t ring school as this holds up our communication channels. If we do close, everyone will be part of the home learning for the day.





Well Done and Welcome Back (including the many new children and families)!

Children in school have been brilliant today and so have children at home - a collective breath and moment to take stock would be good for everyone when you get to it tonight!


This is a National Stay At home Lockdown. 

I was concerned this morning that not everyone had read the coming to school guidance thoroughly and understood the timings and need for community safety. 

The link is here for information and please:

  • Do not arrive before the window for drop off or pick up opens and preferably within and not ready for the start of the window.
  • Drive and park with consideration of everyone's safety.
  • Do not park in the school bus bay at the Junior site.
  • Please check and bring all equipment including layers and PE kits.


I don't want to appear grumpy (but I know I am) not following this guidance adds unnecessary pressure on everyone  



Staff have been working through any IT issues and so far we have provided 30 chrome books to families to support with home learning. 

There have been some technical issues with online platforms which is a sign of increased demand, we found last time that once tech companies had sorted their server load balancing, things settled. We are also looking forward to dedicated TV channels coming on stream with content.  



Organisation and Information 

We have had a significant number of requests for school places starting tomorrow. Those who requested places will have received an email from us via Scholarpack. If you applied but haven't received an email then please check your junk and clutter before emailing - thank you. Please ensure you have read the information on the link in the email (also here - Click Here). 


Ensuring we have the appropriate plans, staffing etc. in place today for tomorrow and beyond at very short notice whilst also ensuring home learning was happening has been a bit of a challenge. We have approximately 140 children coming back tomorrow plus Nursery. 


If you have not applied for a place or been contacted by school offering you a place please do not attend tomorrow. We have been asked to provide places for key workers and other children which we are very pleased to do. However, we will only do this in a planned way (via the application channels provided by school). We are grateful to all our key workers and wish to support you all, please also support us as we are ensuring we are as Covid secure for all members of our community as possible.


Whether in school or at home - everyone will be learning!


Future Applications for Key Workers

Once we have worked through to Friday this week we will send more information about further applications for key workers.

To provide consistency for children, families and staff to maximise children's progress, we would like as much as possible for key workers to commit to places for 5 days per week for the whole of the lockdown period. 


Please be aware that all forms will have tight deadlines to enable us to plan - we appreciate your support with this. Once your application has been accepted, we will be expecting to see the children and there will be no need to reapply each week. 


Home Learning
Alongside the twenty million emails I received today I got 100's of notifications in from TEAMS as there was lots happening!  Thank you everyone and well done - you are off to a great start and home learning begins in earnest tomorrow. Be up and ready bright and early!


Free School Meals

Please see the following page for information - Click Here.

Mrs Lonsdale is making the arrangements. If there are any questions please email a.lonsdale@htceschools.co.uk We very much hope the system is helpful to people. If your child is one of those in school then they will be provided with a meal each day. 







Nursery Children

I am really pleased to share that Nursery is open as normal, normal times, normal hours, normal staff, normal lunch arrangements, normal drop off and pickup times and place from tomorrow.

I am aware that some parents may be concerned given the current lockdown situation and staff will be there to reassure you. If you choose not to bring your child back at this point we do understand and would be grateful if you could let us know tomorrow if you are not. Your choice does not not affect your child's longer term place. 

Please bring extra layers for the children as they will have lots of fun outside too.    

Any questions please email sl.cullis@htceschools.co.uk

Thank you 

Paul Bowlas 



Good morning,

It is lovely to see so many people logged into Teams and lots of families sharing the Collective Worship (sorry about the Bruce Forsyth impression).


  • Information about Key Workers from the Government - Click Here

  • Key Worker application for school place/s form - Click Here (Deadline for applications is 1pm today. The form closes then and applications after this time cannot be considered currently).

If you receive a call today from a withheld number it could well be a member of staff from school. Mrs Ireland and Mrs Brewster will be phoning families to discuss places for children other than key workers.


Having the APP and being able to access TEAMS is really important at this time.

Help with the APP - admin@htceschools.co.uk

Help with Teams - a.bellwalker@htceschools.co.uk  




 PM Announcement

I am sure like many of you the announcement tonight did not come as a surprise. However, what did come as a surprise was the fact it was 8 p.m. with an expectation that we could make significant changes ready for the morning. Yesterday and earlier today we were encouraged to be planning to stay open, much of this work was done over the Christmas break.  It would have been beneficial to all if we could have been notified earlier in the day.


Tonight I have had meetings and consulted with senior staff and the Chair and Vice Chair of Governors about forward planning. 


School will be closed to all pupils in all year groups tomorrow (Tuesday 5th Jan).


School will open from Wednesday (6th Jan) for children of key workers who have applied for places and those children who are asked to attend for other reasons. 


During the last lockdown we made all our decisions in a sensible, timely and proportionate way and this decision to close tomorrow has been made to enable us to plan effectively for opening from Wednesday.

Tomorrow we need your support as we will be asking for information from yourselves about things such as key worker status and how many people need places. We will be providing more information about distance learning expectations, support, guidance and access to IT equipment.


We will only be able to open from Wednesday if we know how many children are going to require places to help us: 

  • Decide on how we operate bubbles as it is likely that they may need to be mixed 
  • Ensure we have correct numbers of staff to teach in school
  • Ensure we have correct numbers of staff to support distance learning
  • Ensure we can provide lunches and the staff to prepare them 
  • Make a decision about the buildings we are going to use and whether we keep both sites open
  • Ensure we have adequate cleaning provision
  • Other emerging priorities and issues

As I have been writing this update I have been inundated with individual emails and I apologise that I haven't been able to answer them all directly, I hope this update provides the information required. 


We will alert everyone through the Scholarpack App tomorrow as and when we update the website. We wrote to everyone before Christmas about this and provided paper copy and follow up emails. If you haven't yet downloaded it please can you do so. Any problems please email admin@htceschools.co.uk


All requests for places will include deadlines for completion. It is unlikely places will be offered if forms are not completed within timescales. 


Initial home learning will be added to your child's Team ready for tomorrow morning. From Wednesday there will be a full time table of learning.


If you have any problems with TEAMS tomorrow please email:

a.bellwalker@htceschools.co.uk and she will respond as soon as possible. Please remember it is important to login via RMUnify. Click Here


Thank you and I can only apologise for this late update.  



Return to school 5th January 2021

Our school is open for all children from all year groups.

There is a great deal of speculation in the media as to the status of primary schools across the country currently, and in the short and longer term in relation to lockdowns and partial closures.  


We are following the advice of our Local Authority and the Department for Education in remaining open. Alongside our Governing Body we are constantly reviewing all information and guidance and should anything change we will let you all know as early and as clearly as possible.


I am very grateful to our school staff who overwhelmingly want to keep the school open for all children, not just for the benefit of their education but also to support families. We recognise the challenges of home schooling and the implications for parents should closures be advised.



Not all schools are opening and in order to help us stay open and keep everyone safe I need your support please.


 How to support us staying open:

  • Arrive only within your allocated bubble time – as the autumn term went on people were arriving very early and as such there were queues on pavements and congestion on the road, at gates and around entrances – more information here (this includes detailed information about all organisation) and please aim to arrive within the allocated window and not before or after. 



  • Be aware that late and early arrivals take staff away from working directly with children
  • Please wear a mask and respect social distancing on your journey to and from school
  • Limit the number of family members dropping off on any day - only 1 adult please
  • Avoid walking dogs on the approach to either site
  • Please contact the school office firstly by email admin@htceschools.co.uk if there is an emergency - 01765 602858 - this number operates across both school sites 
  • Please do not enter the school site without first of all contacting the school office
  • Install the Scholar Pack App on a device you use regularly
  • Check the school website for updates including looking at historical updates lower down the page. 
  • Ensure you can log in to TEAMS as this is an essential tool (contact admin@htceschools.co.uk if you have an issue) 


Preparing your children to come back

- Let your children know we are very much looking forward to seeing them

- Things in school will be the same as before Christmas and this includes lots of hand washing and making good choices about social distancing  

- When getting uniform ready, include extra layers - leggings and vests etc. as we need to continue to keep rooms well ventilated. School hoodies can be worn as an additional layer over normal school uniform 

- Remind any children who walk unaccompanied that they must travel directly to and from school

-  Be aware that children may take a few days to settle back in to routine


Any questions please email me at the address below. Members of the leadership team will continue to be present on both sites at all drop off and pick up times.








Happy New Year!

We have been closely following the ever changing landscape in relation to the return to school.

We will:

- Be continuing to follow our protocols to make the school as Covid secure a possible

- Be continuing with the training day as planned tomorrow (Monday 4th)

- Be opening school to all children on Tuesday 5th Jan

- Continue to monitor and respond to local and national guidance

- Communicate any changes and updated information as soon as official confirmation in relation to our school and community is released 

- Be keeping pick up and drop off arrangements the same as last term


We would like you to help us by:

- Reading the web update tomorrow (Monday 4th) for further information

- Ensuring you are using the new Scholarpack app - contact the admin team if you need assistance admin@htceschools.co.uk 

- Informing us if your children are self-isolating due to them or a close contact testing positive for Covid

- When getting uniform ready, include extra layers - leggings and vests etc. as we need to continue to keep rooms well ventilated


Thank you for your ongoing support. Please be reassured that we are continuing to follow all guidance and want as much as possible to keep the school open and everyone safe. 






Merry Christmas 

I am sure those of you who have already had time to sit down and watch the Christmas service will join me in congratulating the children and staff on their dedication, creativity and hard work.  If you haven't seen it yet or would like to share it with wider family and friends, the links are below. (It'll put Christmas in your heart!)


To echo what we said in the service, we feel truly blessed by the way our whole Trinity family has come together over the last term to support, care and encourage each other. It hasn’t been easy on many levels (and children, families and staff are very much deserving of their Christmas break), it has however, been amazing to see how much everyone has achieved together.  

We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and we look forward to a brighter and positive new year.  


Scholarpack App 

The App is the single communication point should a class need to close or children need to isolate in the event of a Covid infection or outbreak. We will no longer be phoning individual families and will be sending all information via the App only. 


Thank you for the feedback parents have shared with us about the new App, everyone is overwhelmingly positive about it. Please note that from today we will not be sending any further messages via Parent Hub - Please delete from your devices. 


If you have not yet downloaded the App, it is vital that you do so in order to stay informed about what is happening in school. All parents listed as first contact were sent an email with a joining code, please check your junk and clutter for this email (email sent 10th Dec).  


The admin team are happy to help anyone who needs it and if you have not made contact with them yet, you will need to do this after Christmas. Over Christmas you will need to keep checking the website here for updates and developments.  

If you have more than one child, you are able to add them all to the same app. If you have children on both sites, you will need to add a new school and then add your child.  


COVID 19 Contact tracing and self-isolation 

We will remain available over the Christmas holidays for families to report any children testing positive for Covid. It is essential that you report to us any children who test positive between 19th and 21st Dec or show symptoms on these days and subsequently test positive as it will impact on other members of the school community and we will need to complete contact tracing for children and staff.  

We will also need to know if your child is required to self-isolate and the end of their isolation period runs into the new term. Please provide us with as much notice of this as possible as teachers will need time to put a distance learning plan together for your child.  

COVID contact email addresses for the Christmas holidays:  





Reception - 97%

Year 1 - 98%

Year 2 - 100%

Year 3 - 99%

Year 4 - 97%

Year 5 - 99%

Year 6 - 93%


Raring2go magazine 

Click here to read this month's Raring2go . It is packed full of ideas and things to share locally and further field. Click Here


**We Wish you A Merry Christmas**



 From Children, Staff and Governors  - have a wonderful time!



Information relating to Covid and Self Isolation.

Where Covid cases are identified in school we follow our strict protocols, including liaising with the Local Education Authority and where appropriate Public Health England. We also ensure we contact parents of children who need to self-isolate and provide specific advice and guidance including who needs to isolate, how distance learning plans will work and what families are required to do when a child needs to self isolate. 

We have had a number of questions recently about children self isolating at home and the main one being whether or not whole families need to isolate. In most cases families are not required to isolate if a child has been in contact with someone who has tested positive.

We have had a positive case in school and the procedures above have all been followed, some children have been asked to isolate at home. Unless we have contacted you, your children should continue to come to school as normal. 

These are difficult times, we appreciate your support in respecting families' privacy and ask that speculation and discussion on social media does not happen.  

Thank you.  

Paul Bowlas


Friday's Update 11/12/20 

 You may have noticed that we have had a switch around on the roads at pick up and drop off this week. It has been good to have a change for us to make sure we see all the children and parents and so that you remember who we are too. Thank you for your ongoing help, patience and awareness of the safety of others on the road.


End of Term Arrangements

  • We are open on Friday 18th December 
  • End of day timings will not change on Friday
  • Children return to school on Tuesday 5th January 2021
  • Monday 4th January - staff will be in school undertaking essential staff training 


New Parent App

We are in the process of rolling out the new Parent App. Thank you to those who have already downloaded it – approximately 70% of the children have a parent registered and receiving updates. Already this week we have advised about Christmas Jumper Day and other things:

  • Thank you if you have downloaded – more features to come
  • If you haven’t received a code please email admin@htceschools.co.uk
  • If you don’t have the means to download the APP please contact headteacher@htceschools.co.uk
  • If you don’t think you need the APP please can I encourage you try it to ensure you receive appropriate and timely information pertaining to your child and other school matters


Christmas Jumpers and Christmas Dinner

Children are invited to wear their Christmas Jumpers with their school uniform on their Christmas Dinner Day. Some parents have asked if they are able to make a donation - this can be done by adding to Parent Pay if people wish. I am afraid that cash is not Covid safe. Thank you for thinking about the school. 

Infant school site: Thursday 17th December

Junior School site: Wednesday 16th December

Please click here to order your child's Christmas dinner


Easy Fundraising

Did you know that you could be using your everyday online shopping to create free donations for our School ?  

Easy Fundraising is one of the UKs biggest charity shopping sites, it is supported by over 4,000 retailers and together they have raised over £30 million for thousands of PTAs and community groups across the UK.   Holy Trinity is one of the recipients of the Easy Fundraising scheme.  To support us, just start your shopping online through the Easy Fundraising site first and then continue to shop as normal.  Your retailer will then make a small donation to say "thank you" for using them and Holy Trinity receives that donation.

It couldn't be simpler and the donations we receive directly benefit our children.   

Follow this link https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/

Click on start fundraising today, you will find us under Holy Trinity CE Junior School. 








We are all eagerly awaiting the release of the biggest blockbuster of 2020... The Federation of Holy Trinity CE Schools Christmas Performance. In addition to the catchy title(!), it will be full of Christmas cheer and special moments. To view an early release, keep checking here. 

In the meantime, you can watch all of our Collective Worships (including Celebration Assembly) by clicking on the quick links at the top of the page and choose Collective Worship. You can also join in with Mr Bowlas' favourite Christmas song by clicking here (Warning - earworm alert)

For information regarding Christmas Cards and gifts, please see the previous updates at the bottom of this page. 


Balloon Race Progress

Status at 9am on Friday 4th December:

  • Fountains 27.43km
  • Newby 27.43km
  • Studley 27.8km
  • Brimham 27.66km.

Our leading balloon in the race has travelled 59.18km!

The leading balloon in the overall race has travelled 98.km and is now heading across the channel towards France.


Emotional Health and Resilience Virtual Drop-in

For details and access to this click here


Free School Meal Vouchers

As you may have seen in the news, families of children who are entitled to free school meals will be receiving food vouchers for the Christmas holidays. These vouchers will be emailed on Wednesday 9th December. Please keep an eye out for the email which will be sent directly by Morrisons and contain the vouchers for the full Christmas period. 


Communication with Parents - NEXT WEEK

Next week, our new app for Parents and Carers will be up and running. In addition to the facility to send you messages and updates, the new version has many new features, allows you to respond to some messages, and provides the opportunity for you to check the information we hold for you & your child and let us know if any of these details are incorrect.

Please look out for an email early next week, with details of how to install the app, sent to the email address held on your child's school record (please let us know if you think you may need to change this by emailing admin@htceschools.co.uk).


School Lunches

We are delighted to announce that from Monday we are able to provide a tray service for school lunches. This means that going forward, we will be able to provide the full range of menu choices including hot puddings. The menus will change after Christmas to give us time to get into a routine with our new serving arrangements.




w/c 30th November

Weekly %



Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6



Families North Yorkshire

To access the free Families North Yorkshire magazine click here


Bad Weather Arrangements

In the event of bad weather we always do everything we can to stay open and as we head further into winter, please be aware of our school closure / weather procedures:

  • We will start positing updates about anything related to potential closures from 7:30 a.m. on the school website
  • Decisions on closure take account of local conditions as well as conditions in places from which staff travel (we need to have adequate ratios of staff to open safely)
  • If it is necessary to close during the day we will update the app and the school website.
  • Please can you add the website to your favourites / bookmark bar
  • Keep your information and access to the app up to date as ongoing information will be shared there too 
  • Avoid ringing or emailing to ask if we are open or closed as it blocks our communication channels and takes staff away from supervising children
  • In the event of bad weather please make sure children have suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions. We often let children play outside in the snow but only if they have suitable boots or wellies




Communication - Changes to Parent APP

Following feedback from parents, and research into the many options available to us, we are introducing a new app for parents and families. In addition to the facility to send you messages and updates, the new version has many new features, allows you to respond to some messages, and provides opportunity for you to check the information we hold for you & your child and let us know if any of these details are incorrect.


Please look out for an email early next week, with details of how to install the app, sent to the email address held on your child's school record (please let us know if you think you may need to change this by emailing admin@htceschools.co.uk).


We hope you find this aids communication and would very much welcome feedback once it is up and running.  Please see next Friday's web update for the latest status of the apps.



Christmas Cards & Gifts

As we move into the Christmas season, staff and children would usually be receiving lots of cards and the occasional gift from each other. This year we are unable to do this as the biggest gift we can give each other is a Covid free Christmas. Instead of sending cards into school, each class will be coming up with creative ideas to make a class Christmas card to everyone which we will share virtually nearer to Christmas. If you usually send a gift or buy cards for your child to give out, why not choose to give a donation to your favourite charity or use it to buy a balloon in the school virtual balloon race instead (see below). Thank you and I promise I'm not Mr Scrooge!


 Fundraising Fun

86 balloons have been purchased and are ready to enter our virtual balloon race - there is still time to enter! The Friends have very kindly purchased balloons for each house in school (Studley, Brimham, Newby, Fountains) and children and staff will be eagerly watching in their classes to see who is in the lead.

Great prizes are to be won and fun to be had too !

Click Here - https://ecoracing.co/user/page/1049



Local Shops

Once we come out of this lockdown it would be lovely to think that we can all support our local shops. We are so very lucky in Ripon that we have some super national as well as independent retailers. Did you know that Peter, our crossing man also owns the Easy Learning Toy Shop? When you see him at the crossing please say hello, pop in the shop and visit the website:




We are fortunate to have our own Little Ripon Bookshop too and they have not only supported us over the years but have also helped to inspire a generation of readers. Please support them as they reopen next week.


Good luck to all local business owners and those who work for them.  


Update 23/11/20

KS2 Lunches

From Wednesday we are pleased to resume a hot lunch menu at KS2. The menu for the rest of this week is:

  • Wednesday - Beef Burger & Chips OR Jacket Potato served with tuna
  • Thursday - Pizza & Wedges OR Jacket Potato served with cheese
  • Friday - Fish & Chips OR Jacket Potato served with beans

Dessert will be traybake of the day


From Monday 30th November we will return to the menu published in the School Meal Arrangements tab under the Parents heading.



Anyone following the local news will have seen the increase in Covid infections across North Yorkshire. We are following strict protocols in school and doing our best to manage everyone’s health and well-being. We have a small number of children across the federation currently isolating and as you are aware the kitchen at the Junior School has been closed this week. It is very important that as well as keeping children safe and well, the staff are also considered. Therefore, please can I ask that all parents follow the current lock down guidance from the Government and consider how not following this guidance could put those in school and our wider community at greater risk. The adults as well as the children in school mean a lot to me.


Precautions and Safety

We have received updated guidance from the Local Authority this week in light of increases in infection rates in our area. Please support us by:

  • Adults wearing masks at drop off and pickup (where health allows).
  • Only having one family member dropping off or picking up to make more space.
  • Being aware of creating more space on pavements for people to transit through.
  • Not walking dogs on main transit areas during drop off and pick up time.
  • Keeping to your pick up and drop off windows.



Thank you for your patience this week with lunches at the junior school. We are hoping to have a hot meal service back by the middle of next week and will let you know as soon as we can.


Parents’ Evening

Thank you for joining our teachers for parents evening this week. For the vast majority of you, the meetings worked well, we have had lots of positive feedback about the system and also because teachers and parents could finally meet. Teachers are currently following up all who they didn’t get chance to speak to.

We are aware that for some there was a compatibility issue with older browsers, we have fed this back to the software provider and I do apologise for any inconvenience caused.


After School Clubs (Mrs Rees PE )

Due to the current situation and the restrictions that are in place, many children are having to miss out on their regular clubs both at school and within the community.  Regular exercise is vital to the health and well-being of children and even more so at a time like this. The Youth Sport Trust is running a virtual after school sports club with the sessions run by athletes from different backgrounds, including Rachel Mackenzie, World Thai Boxing Champion, who some of the children may remember from our well-being day. The 30-minute sessions are run on YouTube each evening at 5pm until 18th December and are an ideal way of keeping active.   All you need is a device on which you can view YouTube and a bit of space.   

Click here to take part and join in the fun. 


Attendance (week beginning 16/11/20)

Congratulations to Reception children and parents on their amazing attendance this week! We are really proud of how positive attendance continues to be. It really does make a difference to your child's learning and progress in school. 

Rec Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
100% 97% 97% 97% 97% 97% 97%


Update 17/11/20

Following our communication yesterday regarding school lunches at KS2 (Junior) site, the children have again had a picnic lunch today. 


Kitchen staff have been required to self-isolate, therefore the kitchen will be closed for a period of up to 10 days following a member of the team testing positive for Coronavirus.


We have worked with Mellors, our caterers, and they are able to offer grab bags for this period of time so that we can continue to provide the children with a nutritionally balanced lunch. These will be prepared at our KS1 (infants) site and contain:

  • a choice of cheese, ham or tuna sandwich
  • yogurt
  • fruit
  • crudité
  • bakery item of the day

Thank you for your continued support during the pandemic and please be assured we are doing everything we can to ensure safe practice in line with government guidance. We would of course much prefer to provide a cooked lunch and if  relief staff are able to be found we will resume normal service sooner.


Update 15/11/20

Where Covid cases are identified in school we follow our strict protocols, including liaising with the Local Education Authority and where appropriate Public Health England. We also ensure we contact parents of children who need to self-isolate and provide specific advice and guidance including who needs to isolate, how distance learning plans will work and what families are required to do when a child needs to self isolate. 

We have had a number of questions recently about children self isolating at home and the main one being whether or not whole families need to isolate. In most cases families are not required to isolate if a child has been in contact with someone who has tested positive.

We have had one positive case in school and the procedures above have all been followed and some children have been asked to isolate at home. Unless we have contacted you, your children should continue to come to school as normal. 

These are difficult times, we appreciate your support in respecting families' privacy and ask that speculation and discussion on social media does not happen.  

Thank you.  

Paul Bowlas


Update 13/11/20

Thank you for booking your parents’ evening appointments. Over 90% of parents have now booked and we always aim to get to 100%. 

In most cases booking was straight forward and where it wasn’t it seems to have been due to information we hold on our system needing updating or adjusting.


You will have received an email with a link to go to the meeting which you need to click prior to your start time. Please be aware that all appointments are 10 minutes and the software will close the meeting on the 10 minute mark. In an ideal world we would much rather meet face to face and although we can’t this time for safety reasons let’s all hope we can next time!


Parents’ Evening 

Online parents’ evenings will take place for all year groups (including nursery): 

- During week beginning Monday 16thNovember.  

- Booking opens on Saturday 7thNovember at 8:30am and closes at Midday on Sunday 15thNovember.  


Click here to book an appointment for a child at the Infant School 

Click here to book an appointment for a child at the Junior School 

 Please click here to access the Parent's Guide to Joining your meeting 


Communication Update

We are aware that some parents have had issues with Parent Hub not working on their devices or dropping the connection to children’s classes, we also know that people do tend to change their phone numbers, email addresses and contact information and don’t always get round to letting us know.


Therefore, over the next month we will be moving to a new system which will allow you to update information yourselves and check what we currently have on file. This will also include a new way of sharing information with you and alerting you to new information we need to share. Look out for details coming soon!


Flu immunisation 


01423 553115


 Our scheduled drop-in flu immunisation clinics for children who missed out on receiving their flu vaccine in school this term now have a new venue. Though we had originally advertised these clinics as taking place at the Jennyfields Styan Community Centre, due to the new lockdown restrictions the venue has taken the decision that they can no longer accommodate us.


We will instead be holding the HARROGATE DROP-IN clinics at this address:

 Knaresborough Community Centre,

79 Stockwell Avenue,



The dates and times remain the same as originally advertised:

Tuesday 24th November- 3:00-4:30pm

Tuesday 8th December- 3:00-4:30pm

These are both drop-in clinics. You do not need to contact us to make an appointment.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Yours sincerely,

Childhood Immunisations Team

North Yorkshire and City of York


Virtual Trinity Balloon Racing

The Friends of Holy Trinity now have their own section on the website - Click Here. Please visit these pages to find out more about the virtual balloon race. Friends have already purchased balloons for each House and we can't wait to see what happen at launch time!



Our local traffic warden informs us that until the end of this lockdown parents and families can use Booths car park for free at pick up and drop off.


See the Quick Links Page to watch the Remembrance Service


In what has been a rather strange week for everyone, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who are working with us to ensure that pick up and drop off continues to be as safe as it can for all concerned. As we shared last week, our priority is keeping school open so we ask that you continue to consider the safety of all members of our school community when following the government guidance.  


Admin update 

We know that everyone has a lot on their minds at the moment. To avoid us needing to contact you, please can we ask that you check your Parent Pay account to ensure it is up to date.  

As in normal times, if your child will not be in school, please ring the school office to let us know. Phones are answered from 8:30 onwards. Please report the absence by 9:30am.    


Parents’ Evening 

Online parents’ evenings will take place for all year groups (including nursery): 

- During week beginning Monday 16thNovember.  

- Booking opens on Saturday 7thNovember at 8:30am and closes at Midday on Sunday 15thNovember.  


Click here to book an appointment for a child at the Infant School 

Click here to book an appointment for a child at the Junior School 


Please click here to access the Parent's Guide to Joining your meeting 


Thank you to those of you who have contacted us this morning with queries around the booking system. To ensure the safety of the system, it will only recognise you if you use the same details which you have provided for us previously (including your correct title Mrs, Ms etc. - which may also need a full stop e.g. Mrs. ). For children arriving this year, they are the ones you put on the admission form and for those who have been with us longer, these are the ones we ask you to check and update at parents' evenings. 

If you discover that the details we hold for you are out of date, please email your child's name and all your correct details to admin@htceschools.co.uk. Thank you


Childcare Arrangements 

Many of you have asked about what childcare arrangements are allowed during this time’s lockdown. The government have provided guidance to help you with this. In brief it says that: 

  • Formal childcare such as that provided by childminders and private settings can go ahead as normal. 
  • An informal childcare arrangement can be made with one other household if this is needed to enable parents to work 
  • Children with split families can move between parents’ houses as normal 

For detailed information click here


MSA Vacancy

We now have a vacancy for a Midday Supervisor - please click here for more information. 




Technology At Home

 As we move into the next phase of Covid restrictions, we are aware that there may be days when children are not able to attend school, for example, awaiting a Covid test result. It is important children are able to keep up with the learning taking place in their classroom. We will be providing children with a distance learning plan and to help with this we need to know what technology children have access to at home. Please complete the short form in the quick links section opposite. 


Returning to School

 We hope you have all had the opportunity for some rest and family time this half term. 

You will be aware of government announcements this weekend.  We are pleased that we are able to stay open...


Your help is essential to keep everyone in our school community safe and school open. We need you to be aware that:


- Staff on the gates will be wearing masks. Please prepare your children for this 

- Nursery and Reception staff will be wearing masks at drop off and pick up from Thursday (they will be introducing this in a careful way to the children)

- Masks will not be worn within school unless we are requested to do so through guidance

- You need to adhere to your year group bubble drop off and pick up times (click here) to avoid queuing and reduce congestion

- We are concerned for everybody's safety and in order to keep school open we continue to have strict protocols in school and have added some additional ones.

- Keeping staff safe and protected as much as possible from Covid is essential in the continued running and opening of school. 

- With the above in mind, we ask all parents and families to adhere to government guidance in relation to household mixing. Hopefully this will ensure that risks of infection and transmission of Covid in our school community is minimised.

Thank You  



 Menu Changes

The first week back after half term there will a couple of changes to the menu. This is because we will be having a special Bonfire Lunch on Thursday 5th November. Click here to view the school menu


Many Ripon business are very kindly offering meals for free or at heavily discounted or incentivised prices. People are incredibly kind and it is always amazing how generous people can be when things in life can be challenging.


I have been made aware that lots of businesses and organisations are advertising on the Blow Your Horn Facebook Page - please have a look.


Holy Trinity Church are also offering meals to children, families and individuals...


Meals because we care…

You are able to have a hot meal from Holy Trinity church, if you are on free school meal vouchers, had a family member furloughed, live by yourself or are elderly. We would love to cook you a meal!

Lunches are for delivery or collection only between 12 and 1pm,  They are totally free this is only for the week of 26th -30th October, there is limited availability. Please book your food by 7pm the day before you need it.


To book a lunch please email matt.davies@holytrinityripon.org.ok or call 07934191337.


The menu is Monday, Chicken pie and fruit crumble, Tuesday, Sausage casserole and pineapple upside down cake, Wednesday, Cottage pie and fruit sponge Thursday, Chicken curry jacket potato and apple pie, Friday, Pasta bake and lemon Tart


If you would like to make a donation to support this please use Account number 90445231 and sort code 403823 please use the reference lunches. The account name is Holy Trinity PCC. Cheques made payable to Holy Trinity Ripon PCC with a covering note saying lunches.


Please do get in touch if you have any questions - we would love to hear from you.



School Update

Thank you for all your support this half term - together we have achieved a lot for our children. Having the children in school, learning, socialising and making progress has been a delight to see. That said, it has also taken its toll on their energy levels and they deserve a well-earned rest next week.  

Over half term, we are working on plans for parents' evenings and developments in lunch service - look out for updates about this early next half term.  

We wish you all a safe and enjoyable break and we'll see you back in school on Monday 2nd November. 

Attendance Week Beginning 19th October 

Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
99% 93% 98% 93% 97% 98% 95%




Thank you everyone for continuing to work with us at drop off and pick up. I have chatted to many of you this week and we are very aware that children are extremely tired and the physical demands of being in school is taking its toll with some children being unusually emotional. We were expecting this given the disruption to their schooling last term. We highly recommend some early nights this weekend and next week to help everyone to enjoy their last week before a well-earned rest. 

 Y1 Cycling

Those children in Y1 who can't ride a bike or are a bit unsteady started their cycling lessons this week with some learning to ride in just one session! If your child is in year 1 and you haven't already registered them for cycling sessions, please follow the link in the quick links table.

Year 6 - Secondary School Applications

Applications for secondary schools need to have been completed by 31st October 2020. To apply for a secondary school place for your child, please follow the link www.northyorks.gov.uk/schooladmissions

 E45 & Hand washing

Hand washing is a big part of our Covid safety arrangements in school and we are aware that some children’s hands are suffering because of this. We have had some requests for children to bring their own moisturiser and whilst we completely understand why, the management of checking they don’t contain nut oils and ensuring children don’t share it with others can be time consuming. To address this safely, we have purchased E45 for every classroom which children can use if their hands become sore – if your child is unable to use this product, please complete the form at the top of the page in the quick links box.

 Attendance Week Beginning 12th October (Well done everyone!)

Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
98% 98% 97% 95% 99% 98% 96%


Harvest service

On Wednesday we celebrated our Harvest Service and although we weren’t able to come together in church, Mrs Ferguson and our local churches did a fantastic job of putting together a celebration for all to enjoy. In these times, it can sometimes be easy to forget what joins us together so we can highly recommend taking some time as a family to watch the service together this weekend. Your child will also be bringing home a collection box, which has been quarantined, for you to donate to this year’s Harvest Charity if you feel able to – the details for this are also explained in the harvest service. We hope you enjoy it although I must warn you, you’ll spend the rest of the weekend singing about big red combine harvesters!

Click here for the Harvest Service


We recognise that in this modern world there are more and more requests for people  to look at and read letters and communication of all types. 

Throughout the whole pandemic we have followed the same model of communication which is to provide all information through the school website and let everyone know when there is an update through the parent hub APP.  It helps us hugely if parents and families could check regularly and especially when we send a parent hub update out. Please also encourage everyone to do the same as this is the only place we publish information - thank you!


Attendance Wk Beg 5/10/20


Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
98% 98% 97% 97% 99% 98% 98%

Year 5 and 6 - Choosing High Schools 

Click here to access information about St Aidan’s virtual tour and information evening. 


Nursery and Year 2 - Applying for School Places

If you currently have a child in nursery who is due to start full time school in September, you will need to apply for a school place - please click here for information about this.


As we are an infant and junior school, children are not automatically given a place in Year 3 so if you currently have a child in Year 2, you will need to apply for a Year 3 school place – please click here for information about this.


E45 & Hand washing

Hand washing is a big part of our Covid safety arrangements in school and we are aware that some children’s hands are suffering because of this. We have had some requests for children to bring their own moisturiser and whilst we completely understand why, the management of checking they don’t contain nut oils and ensuring children don’t share it with others can be time consuming. To address this safely, we have purchased E45 for every classroom which children can use if their hands become sore – if your child is unable to use this product, please complete the form at the top of the page in the quick links box.


Reviews for children with Special Educational Needs

Over the coming weeks we are holding reviews for those children who have additional or special education needs. You will have already received a letter providing you with details about this and if you haven’t already done so, please visit the Parent SEND review page to book a time for your child’s review. As explained in the letter, this term, these will take place virtually.



Traffic and Pedestrian Management 

We have had communication today with highways in relation to vehicle and pedestrian movement in the vicinity of our schools. 

Please support us by:

- There can no longer be pick up / drop off outside the Junior school and enforcement officers will ticket anyone parked or pulling in there. 

- Sticking to your drop off and pick up windows (being early creates queues).

-  Being aware and showing awareness  to others of social distancing when walking to and from school.

- Avoiding blocking pavements and being aware of transit areas so people can safely walk by.

- Avoid standing in groups 

- Not parking on any of the restricted areas around either schools. 


Please walk, cycle or scoot to school and avoid coming in the car. If it is essential to drive please allow extra time so that you can park safely and away from the schools. 

Thank you for your support.




Lots of normality this week including the return of piano lessons and Dave the cycling man. We are pleased to welcome these well known people back in to school and please be rest assured they follow rigorous protocols before entering school, when working with children and leaving the premises.

Flu Vaccine - Very Important

There appears to have been some problems with registering for Flu vaccines for which I apologise but had no control over - the link for registration was provided to us.  There are further clinics taking place in the area:

Ripon - Monday 5th October and Monday 16th November from 3:30-4:30pm at Ripon Leisure Centre. These are by appointment only (parents to make an appt by calling 01423 542360). 

Nidderdale Virtual Open Evening for Y5 & Y6

Nidderdale High School produce a newsletter for parents and children and in this half Term's they are promoting a virtual open evening. CLICK HERE for more information.


Ripon Library Service write...

As I’m sure you are aware Libraries Week takes place in October (5th to 9th Oct) and is a national celebration of libraries and the benefits of reading. Libraries opened slowly after lockdown (so that we had time to put all the appropriate safety measures in place) and we had to make the decision to support the digital Summer Reading Challenge rather than run it with the physical rewards from libraries as usual. We know many children missed taking part and the online version was not as popular and did not provide the same encouragement to keep reading during the holidays. 

Teachers have worked tremendously hard this year to keep children’s education on track and we know access to books & libraries supports that work by helping children to develop those vital language & literacy skills. So Libraries Week seemed like the ideal time to ensure parents and children know that their local library is open again, what the slightly different hours are, how to access the digital library and remind them of how much children benefit from reading.

Click Here for The Library Flier

Click Here for Super Hero Activities


















Thank you for working to stick to times at drop off and pick up. We still have some issues with queuing especially where people are arriving well before their window.

There are a few things we need to be careful with; being careful in cars as there are pedestrians and cyclists moving about at peak times, the Junior school bus lane is for drop and go only please avoid parking in the space. 


Covid What if... -

Please see the 'Covid What if..'. link in the table opposite for a reference guide to illness. 


 Flu Immunisation - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 27/09/20

The flu immunisation team are due to visit our school on Wednesday 30th September to give children in all years from Reception to Year 6 their flu immunisation. Parents need to give consent to the NHS team for this to take place – please click here for all details.



















 Virtual Tour & Newsletters

At this time of year we normally hold open evenings for parents and families as we realise how important it is for parents to see where children learn each day. Staff insisted we still found a way to do this and I am thrilled and proud that all classes have posted a virtual tour of their classroom in children's TEAMS. Alongside this you will also find the class newsletter with lots of information about the coming term. Please look at these with your children so you can share what it is like and what they will be doing and learning in school.  Every child will be using TEAMS so please let us know if you have login issues.


Collective Worship & Celebration Assembly 

We are continuing to stay true to our Christian ethos and children and staff are still partaking in a daily act of worship (albeit in a slightly different way). You will find a link to daily worship - including celebration assembly - in the quick links box at the top of this page. If your child is chosen for celebration assembly, you'll also receive a photo in your child's private channel.  


Drop off and Pick Up

We would like to thank parents and child-care providers who have been incredibly supportive and understanding whilst moving up and down Trinity and Church Lane and while waiting for allotted times. The narrowness of the pavement and road along with the amount of traffic and pedestrians makes it challenging, we won’t be winning any traffic control awards but together we are making a good team.

 To help improve things further please can we ask for your support in:

  • Arriving within your year group times – early arrival is the reason for queuing, if everyone arrives within their time there won’t be a queue and social distancing will be much easier

  • Avoid bringing dogs (as much as we love dogs) it adds to the complexity of people moving around safely

 For a reminder of the timings, please see the organisation page.


Illness - Shall I send my child to school ?

We have had lots of phone calls from parents this week worrying about children who are feeling unwell, mainly with cold like symptoms. Please see this NHS guidance re: colds and Covid Click Here


There will always be illness at this time of year and we know that with lots of children being at home for so long, they haven't necessarily built up the immunity that they would normally have.  


Covid Testing - If anyone in a household is asked to take a Covid test then the rest of the household should self isolate, go for testing and then if a negative test is returned the children can come back to school.  

We are always happy to discuss concerns with anyone,  we don't want children to miss school unnecessarily and we also want to make sure we look after everyone's health and wellbeing. 


Attendance  This Week:

Attendance Week Ending 18/09/20


% Present
















As you will imagine, we have incurred lots of additional costs - as we also did before summer - for cleaning, providing individual resources for children and ensuring there is adequate computer equipment for children to use. During lockdown, we were pleased to provide laptops (including 50 Chromebooks) for families to borrow where this was necessary to support access to learning, and this made a great deal of difference to the overall number of children engaging with the work set by teaching staff. We recognise that for many families there simply isn’t / wasn’t enough IT equipment at home when parents were also trying to work alongside home schooling.   


We are currently in a position where our additional costs are not going to be reimbursed and we are continuing to provide, amongst other things, enhanced cleaning, individual resource packs for children and enough computer equipment to limit sharing across each bubble and year group. We also want to be in a strong position should there be further local or national lockdowns.


We would greatly welcome any support you are able to give by way of a voluntary donation via Parent Pay. A contribution of whatever is affordable would be greatly appreciated - with my assurance that 100% of it will go on resources which directly benefit our children. Thank you for your consideration and please don’t worry if you are unable to contribute - we realise this year has been very difficult for many families.


Photo Consent

Thank you for completing the photo consent form. The majority of parents have responded, if you haven’t yet, please could you do it as soon as possible as staff would like to be able to share learning through your children’s team channel. 




Thank you for the ongoing support with pick up and drop off.  Things seem to be going well from our point of view. Year 5 and 6 are very slick and demonstrating great discipline with social distancing on the playground.  We will review timings and if we make any changes we will let you know as soon as possible.


Photo Consent

Thank you for completing the photo consent form. The majority of parents have responded, if you haven’t yet, please could you do it as soon as possible as staff would like to be able to share learning through your children’s team channel.



We are really pleased to have everyone back in school. As you will imagine, we have incurred lots of additional costs - as we also did before summer - for cleaning, providing individual resources for children and ensuring there is adequate computer equipment for children to use. During lockdown, we were pleased to provide laptops (including 50 Chromebooks) for families to borrow where this was necessary to support access to learning, and this made a great deal of difference to the overall number of children engaging with the work set by teaching staff. We recognise that for many families there simply isn’t / wasn’t enough IT equipment at home when parents were also trying to work alongside home schooling.    


We are currently in a position where our additional costs are not going to be reimbursed and we are continuing to provide, amongst other things, enhanced cleaning, individual resource packs for children and enough computer equipment to limit sharing across each bubble and year group. We also want to be in a strong position should there be further local or national lockdowns.


We would greatly welcome any support you are able to give by way of a voluntary donation via Parent Pay. A contribution of whatever is affordable would be greatly appreciated - with my assurance that 100% of it will go on resources which directly benefit our children. Thank you for your consideration and please don’t worry if you are unable to contribute - we realise this year has been very difficult for many families.




Dear All

Thank you for helping make this week go smoothly. There are few things for us to consider but overall the week has been successful.

There are a number of things to share and please can I ask that you read to the end, actioning  things ASAP to help us with our planning.  


I've added a quick links table here, please can you:

  • Complete the photo consent form - This is for everyone please and we need it so we can start sharing pictures and videos of learning in children's channels - they will love to show you!

  • Walking Home - for anyone in Y5 & 6 wishing their child to walk to and from school unaccompanied 

  • Medicines - in the rare event that prescribed medication is needed to be administered in school and / or children have inhalers, this form needs to be completed and emailed to: admin@htceschools.co.uk  


Flu Immunisation

The flu immunisation team are due to visit our school on Wednesday 30th September to give children in all years from Reception to Year 6 their flu immunisation. Parents need to give consent to the NHS team for this to take place – please click here for all details.


I appreciate very much that it is difficult not being able to see and communicate with children's class teachers directly each day. I can only apologise and hope everyone understands that this is about safety for all. 

If you do need to talk to a class teacher please pop a note in the planner or email / phone the school office and somebody will get back to you. Thank you for your understanding.  

 Class newsletter next week

Next week we will be publishing class newsletters in children's class teams.  These provide information about the term and include daily and weekly routines. The newsletters are really worth a read as they share things about learning and what children will be doing. Please try to look at your child's team with them as regularly as  you can.  We will also be including a tour of classrooms so that you can see where your children are learning. 


Excellent attendance - thank you 

Reception 99.4%

Yr1 96.8%

Yr2 95.6%

Yr3 95.6%

Yr4 100%

Yr5 97.9%

Yr6 95.7%

If you have questions about attendance please do contact school. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy and are aware that at this time of year there are colds and other bugs going round all of which are not Covid-19 related. 

 Applying for a Secondary School Place (Y6)

There is a letter here from the local authority admissions department - Click Here

 Keeping Safe

People were generally careful and safe during drop off and pick up this week and as we got slicker with coming in and out there was less queuing. Please can I ask that everyone is careful and conscious of where they stand, ensuring pavements are as clear as possible.

Each evening this week, the park has been busy and I very much hope people have been following social distancing rules. We are doing our best in school and at the gates and ask that you remain vigilant beyond school. From Monday there are new rules about gatherings which I hope everyone is aware of and will follow. Please keep watching the news as things change and develop. 



From the 14th September children in Years 5 and 6 an walk to and from school if permission has been given by parents.
All children will need permission via the form below regardless of a letter or email previously being sent in. Thank you for your understanding and help.

Click Here for the form



 Thank you everyone for your patience in making the first day back run smoothly. We are really pleased to welcome the children back and it was great to see so many excited faces. Some children were understandably nervous but soon settled. If you would like to see today's assembly please CLICK HERE - Choose week 1 Tuesday.


We review our processes each day including following guidance for all Covid related matters and responding to information from staff. We are grateful for your support and if there is any feedback from yourselves please do email  

headteacher@htceschools.co.uk to help us.


Please find points from today below and for your information:


What went well:

  • Attendance is excellent Y1 - 98%, Y2 - 95%, Y3 - 98%, Y4 - 100%, Y5 - 98%, Y6 - 95%

  • The vast majority of children arrived at their allotted times

  • Lunchtime worked well and children were very sensible and thoughtful with the arrangements

  • Children were very calm in their classrooms throughout the day and it was great to see some real learning and lots of happy faces

  • Children enjoyed spending some time outside with their friends and some made new friends

  • It was really helpful that children had the correct equipment and bags that weren’t too large

  • Children looked very smart

  • People being aware of and thinking about other children and families as well as their own at drop off and pick up


What we’ve learnt:

  • It is a challenge for parents and especially those new to school not to be more involved on children’s first day back

Action – I am really sorry about this and genuinely wish it could be different but the current situation doesn’t allow. Parents will soon be receiving virtual tours of their children’s classes.


  • Adult Social Distancing on very congested pavements

    Action – Please arrive within allocated time slots and please move on quickly after drop off and pick up. We will try to be more flexible with siblings once the routine is bedded in.


  • Some parents being unaware of arrangements

    Action – please read the website – this is where all information is shared and updated on a regular basis. Download the APP to receive alerts about updates


  • Classes must be out in good time to avoid backlogs and waiting on the road

    Action – we have reviewed this where necessary


We have continued to make sure there has been very regular handwashing, rooms and high traffic areas have been cleaned through the day and there is deep cleaning every evening.


Please thank the children for me as they have been great! 




We have added further information on the organisation page including:

  • Updated Risk Assessment and Staff Guidance (following DfE updates)

  • Encouraging parents to contact out of school child care settings if they use them

  • Masks

  • What to Bring 

  • Ordering Lunches and Menus

  • School office arrangements


I have been asked by a number of parents:

Are there other arrangements for Sibling drop offs / pick ups?

A As I am sure you can imagine this is very complex to plan for as we have over 400 children and within this many siblings. We have tried to make it so that the end of one drop off / pickup window is not too far away from the beginning of others across year groups and sites.  

By the end of the first week I am sure we will have established routines and know how well timings work for everybody. We will be reviewing timings regularly and are grateful for your understanding. 


Q How can I be sure that, although the school is taking steps, other families in our area  are following the guidance on Covid -19?

A Other than remind parents and families, we need to trust that people are taking this seriously and not putting themselves or others at risk.


Q I am not sure about sending my child back to school.

We are very keen for all children to be back in school as we want children to keep up and not have to keep catching up with their education. Please see Attendance Page. The Government's guidance is on this page and sets out what we are required to do in the event of children not being in school. 

Beyond the guidance we genuinely do want the children back in to school. We are trying to make things as normal as possible and everyone has spent some time in school over the last few weeks getting everything ready for the children's return. 

Please can you contact me as soon as possible headteacher@htceschools.co.uk with attendance concerns.   




We are looking forward to welcoming all children old and new back to school next week.


Nursery and Reception children will be starting on either 8th, 9th or 10th September.

Nursery parents- you will have received an email last term providing you with starter information - the emails will have come from Sarah Cullis (sl.cullis@htceschools.co.uk) and could possibly have gone into Junk folders. If you cannot find the information, please email Sarah Cullis.

Reception parents- starter information was posted in your child's channel in TEAMS last term and you will have received an email letting you know the login details. If you cannot find the information, please email Sarah Cullis.


For children in all other year groups, please see the organisation page for year group start times on Tuesday 8th September.


For information on using 'Teams' - Click Here


We have added additional information on the organisation page in relation to what children should bring to school - please Click Here to go to the page.



The latest guidance has now been released by the DfE (Department for Education) for the return to school. Members of the school team have been working over the weekend to ensure our approach to reopening reflects this guidance and most importantly takes account of our local circumstances. 


On the organisation page you will find the latest documents. These are by their nature draft, in that we will regularly review and update them if and when things change. 


We are aware that one of the pressures of the previous lockdown was access to technology at home. If anyone is thinking of buying new technology for children we can help with advice, technical support and purchasing options. The governing body has enabled us to buy some new chromebooks for use in school and we are looking at ways to extend this further.


I will be providing updates and information for parents and children this week. Please do encourage other parents and families to download the app and enable notifications.  Please note that the only place I publish anything to do with the schools is here. It is very helpful if parents keep on top of the updates as the vast majority of emails, questions and issues are ones where information has been missed. Previous updates are posted below. Thank you!  




Thank you for your patience whilst we are making preparations for September opening. 

You will notice that all information from this point on has moved to the 'home' tab and the 'public health' tab has been archived. 


Some of the pages are in the process of being updated. We have chosen to make these live as I am aware that many of you are trying to plan your own arrangements for the start of term and need the information as soon as possible.


If you look on the organisation page you will see that we have begun to add essential returning to school information including the specifics of pick up and drop off times. 


As we start to finalise our plans and add more information I will send occasional updates. Please can you encourage friends and other parents to download our APP and check the website regularly - keeping up to date ensures people are aware of important return to school information. 



Please be reassured that we are currently working on plans for the return to school at the start of the Autumn Term.

We will provide more information and details before term starts and hope the following is helpful at this point:


  • All children will be able to return to school full time in September. 

  • Staggered drop off and pick up times will be allocated for each year group with the morning being between 8:30 and 9:00 and the afternoon between 3:15 and 3:45.

  • Parents / responsible adults will need to drop off and pick up children for the first week for all year groups. Children in years 5 & 6 will be able to come unaccompanied from the second week if parents so wish.